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#NTC_0049_2021 Notice


Dear teachers and students, With great respect and concern for each one of you, the Examination Coordinator writes to you with regard to the First Unit Test which will commence at the end of May, 2021. I had a discussion with the Principal and the Teacher-coordinators in-charge to get some overview regarding how to conduct the First Unit Test for this Academic Session 2021-22. Therefore, considering various issues and problems on behalf of the students and teachers, and also keeping in mind the present Pandemic situation, I have arrived at the present conclusion:  The First Unit Test commences on May 27 (Thursday), 2021.  There shall be one examination per day and the time will be adjusted accordingly.  The Mode of Examination will be ONLINE for Classes LKG to VIII.  The platform for conducting ONLINE MODE EXAM will be through TestMoz and DA.  For Classes III to VIII, Examination for English Language, Science and Mathematics will be conducted by the LNS Team.  Subjects – Hindi and Bengali (Only Second Language) will be conducted in OFFLINE MODE (i.e. Written Form)  Question pattern for ONLINE MODE EXAM will strictly be Objective Type (MCQs) N.B. – Read Carefully: 1. All the students up to Classes VIII will be giving their Exams from their residence only. 2. The school wishes to kindly inform that it will not be responsible for any sort of technical issues like internet failure or data shortage. 3. The school will issue an exam routine. Both the teachers and students are requested to be aware of it. Also, the school does not encourage either of you to fix any alteration in the due date of exam. 4. The school may send you a common routine for both A and B section. The particular teacher for his/her class is advised to send the Question link or the Question Paper in the respective group. 5. For exams conducted offline [i.e. in written mode only for HINDI/BENGALI], students are allowed to use any single-lined sheets to write their answers during the Exam. 6. Teachers should notify the students to write their Name, Class, Section, Roll Number and Subject on the ANSWER SHEETS used by the students. 7. For HINDI/BENGALI, the students should send their soft copies (pictures of the answers scripts) to their respective Subject teacher’s Personal WhatsApp number as soon as the time for the specific exam gets over on the same day within 30 minutes. No extra time or no other day shall be granted. 8. The Soft Copies sent in PICTURE/PDF Format should be visible enough for the subject teacher to correct it. If the Soft Copies sent is invisible, the teacher should request that particular student to re-send it. 9. Keeping in mind the present pandemic situation, the school does not ask for the submission of Hard Copies for HINDI/BENGALI Exam. 10. WARNING: For HINDI/BENGALI, if any Answer Paper is found to be written by parents/some others, apart from the writing of the student is to be totally CANCELLED by the teacher. No excuse shall be granted. 11. No excuse of “we are/were out of station” is acceptable unless any leave application is forwarded prior to the VP. 12. For teachers conducting online exam, please do teach your students how to attend online exam. 13. Please do try mock tests. 14. Teachers, please do take revision tests to not only make the students prepared for the examination, but also to let them know the procedure of the how the exams will be held for annuals. 15. Kindly note that school will not be issuing any Admit Card for the First Unit Test. Therefore, attendance will be approved only to those students who will be submitting their papers in both ONLINE and OFFLINE MODE Exams. 16. The Students and Teachers have to be present 15 minutes before the scheduled Examination Time. The QUESTION PAPER LINK should be forwarded by the Subject Teachers one or two minutes prior to the Examination Time. 17. For any clearance please contact the Teachers or the Exam Coordinator. I look forward to your cooperation in this regard. Yours Sincerely, Joy Narjinary [Exam Coordinator] Mob: 9593806325